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China Email Database

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China Email Database

China Email Lists is a valuable product which is perfectly developed by our company, canadaemaillead.com. This resourceful email list contains email lists of people from China with full contact details that include name, address, etc. Moreover, we promote China Email Lists to our customers who want to offer their products and services in China. Most importantly, you can purchase this powerful email lists from us at a very reasonable price. Moreover, China Email Lists can provide you an effective way in accessing your targeted contact list in China. In addition, these useful email lists can help you find companies, manufacturers, and consumers in China.

China Consumer Email Database

0 Million
China B2C Email Address

Thus, our company, canadaemaillead.com provides only accurate, comprehensive, and reliable email list which is useful to your business. Furthermore, our company can help you customize your targeted leads basing on the location of the industry you want to reach. In addition, we can guarantee you that China Email Lists are all active, valid, and regularly updated.

As a reliable email data provider, our company, canadaemaillead.com have already helped many businessmen in making their business become profitable. In conclusion, if you buy China Email Lists from our company, canadaemaillead.com, you’ll get sales leads like never before. Lastly, this valuable email lists will help you in reaching potential customers.

Buy China B2C Email Database

Total records: 5 Million

File type: Excel, CSV
Recently Updated
(One-time fee)
Delivery: instantly  Download.

Price: $1,200

Our B2C Database Included:

B2C Email Database Included

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China Business Email Database

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China B2B Email Address
China B2B Email Database



Buy China B2B Email Database

Amount Of Records: 243,000

File type: Excel, CSV
Recently Updated
(One-time fee)
Delivery: instantly  Download.

Price: $350

Our B2B Database Included:

B2B Email Database included

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China Email Database Question & Answer

When data is delivered?

Your data ordered within 4 hours will be delivered and we take a maximum of 72 hours to create the data for custom contact data.

What is data accuracy?

We provide you with 98% accurate information. All our contact addresses have been verified by human and computer eyes.

This email database is fresh?

All email lists are fresh and cleared by our team.

What is your Data Source?

Our data source is a diverse platform. We took all data from trusted sites and chose only data sources. We create an email list from business sources and consumer sources.

Can i build targeted leads?

If you want to create a targeted lead, we will make it for you.

This email marketing list bring the sale lead?

Yes, our telemarketing listing brings more sales to lead your company.

The email address is active or valid?

All email addresses are active and exit if no email address is valid so we will refund you.

What format for contact Address?

We will provide you in Excel or CSV format for the contact address you ordered.